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Certifications >> Singapore PSB charger

  Xinsu Global,puiblished the PSB certifications for singapore market,whcih has the most PSB certifications

1. 24V 2A charger:XSG2922000  PSB certification NO:161756-11

2. 29.4V 2A charger:XSG2942000 PSB certification NO:161759-11

3. 42V 1.5A charger:XSG4201500 PSB certification NO:161760-11

4. 36V1.5A charger:XSG4381450 PSB certification NO:161757-11

5. 48V1A charger:XSG4381450 PSB certification NO:161758-11

6. 54.6V1A charger:XSG5461000 PSB certification NO:161755-11

7. 58.8V1A charger:XSG5881000 PSB certification NO:161761-11

PSB listed 220W battery charger
1.24V 5A AC adapter:XSG2945000, PSB certifiation NO: 191246-11

2. 24V 7A AC adapter: XSG2927000, PSB certifiation NO:191245-11

3.48V 3.75A AC adapter: XSG5463750, PSB certifiation NO: 191544-11

4. 60V3A AC adapter: XSG6723000, PSB ertifiation NO: 191247-11