Company News >> Korea KC KCC Certificated Battery Charger And Adapters(1)

KC certification is a Korean electrical product safety certification, which is divided into two types: mandatory certification and voluntary certification. Importing AC to DC chargers and adapters into the Korean market must obtain KC certification, which is a mandatory KC certification product, otherwise the customs will confiscate the product and impose penalties on the importer.
Xinsu Global KC listed Li-ion battery chargers:

KC 4.2V chargers 
KC 4.2V 1A charger, XSG0421000KR
KC 4.2V 2A charger, XSG0422000KR
KC 4.2V 3A charger, XSG0423000KR
KC 4.2V 4A charger, XSG0424000

KC 8.4V Charger
KC 8.4V 0.5A charger, XSG0840500KR
KC 8.4V 1A charger, XSG0841000KR
KC 8.4V 1.5A charger, XSG0841500
KC 8.4V 2A charger, XSG0842000
KC 8.4V 2.5A charger, XSG0842500
KC 8.4V 3A charger, XSG0843000

KC 12.6V Chargers

KC 12.6V 0.5A charger, XSG1260500KR
KC 12.6V 1A charger, XSG1261000
KC 12.6V 2A charger, XSG1262000
KC 12.6V 3A charger, XSG1263000
KC 12.6V 4A charger, XSG1264000
KC 12.6V 5A charger, XSG1265000
KC 12.6V 5.5A charger, XSG1265500
KC 12.6V 6A charger, XSG1266000
KC 12.6V 7A charger, XSG1267000

KC 16.8V Chargers
KC 16.8V 1A charger, XSG1681000
KC 16.8V 1.5A charger, XSG1681500
KC 16.8V 2A charger, XSG1682000
KC 16.8V 2.5A charger, XSG1682500
KC 16.8V 3A charger, XSG1683000
KC 16.8V 3.5A charger, XSG1683500
KC 16.8V 3.75A charger, XSG1683750
KC 16.8V 4A charger, XSG1684000
KC 16.8V 4.5A charger, XSG1684500
KC 16.8V 5A charger, XSG1685000

KC 21V Chargers
KC 21V 2.5A charger, XSG2102500
KC 21V 3A charger, XSG2103000
KC 21V 3.5A charger, XSG2103500
KC 21V 4A charger, XSG2104000
KC 21V 7.5A charger, XSG2107500
KC 21V 8A charger, XSG2108000
KC 21V 8.5A charger, XSG2108500
KC 21V 9A charger, XSG2109000

KC 25.2V Chargers
KC 25.2V 2A charger, XSG2522000
KC 25.2V 2.5A charger, XSG2522500
KC 25.2V 3A charger, XSG2523000
KC 25.2V 3.5A charger, XSG2523500
KC 25.2V 5.5A charger, XSG2525500
KC 25.2V 6A charger, XSG2526000
KC 25.2V 7A charger, XSG2527000
KC 25.2V 8A charger, XSG2528000

KC 29.4V Chargers
KC 29.4V 2A charger, XSG2942000
KC 29.4V 2.5A charger, XSG2942500
KC 29.4V 3A charger, XSG2943000
KC 29.4V 5A charger, XSG2945000
KC 29.4V 5.5A charger, XSG2945500
KC 29.4V 6A charger, XSG2946000
KC 29.4V 6.5A charger, XSG2946500

KC 33.6V Chargers
KC 33.6V 5A charger, XSG3365000
KC 33.6V 5.5A charger, XSG3365500
KC 33.6V 6A charger, XSG3366000

KC 37.8V Chargers
KC 37.8V 4.5A charger, XSG3784500
KC 378V 5A charger, XSG3785000

KC 42V Chargers
KC 42V 0.5A charger, XSG4200500
KC 42V 1A charger, XSG4201000
KC 42V 1.5A charger, XSG4201500
KC 42V 2A charger, XSG4202000
KC 42V 2.5A charger, XSG4202500
KC 42V 3A charger, XSG4203000
KC 42V 3.5A charger, XSG4203500
KC 42V 4A charger, XSG4204000
KC 42V 4.5A charger, XSG4204500
KC 42V 5A charger, XSG4205000

KC 50.4V Chargers
KC 50.4V 3A charger, XSG5043000
KC 50.4V 4A charger, XSG5044000

KC 54.6V Chargers
KC 54.6V 3A charger, XSG5463000
KC 54.6V 3.5A charger, XSG5463500
KC 54.6V 4A charger, XSG5463750

KC 58.8V Chargers
KC 58.8V 2.5A charger, XSG5882500
KC 58.8V 3A charger, XSG5883000
KC 58.8V 3.5A charger, XSG5883500